Frequently asked questions

Sonography is an imaging technique that uses sound waves, just like the sound waves that we can hear, but in a higher frequency range. These are called ultrasound waves and are perfectly safe, though you cannot hear them. By sending and receiving these high frequency ultrasound waves we can visualize structures in the body. To do it we use a little wand (called a transducer) that we move over the belly that sends an ultrasound signal into the body. These ultrasound waves are reflected back by the tissues of the baby and captured by the transducer. The computer transforms them into images. To help the sound waves out, we use a gel to conduct the sound waves. We have a big screen, and you can follow everything! We will do our very best to image everything as well as possible. The clarity of the images will always depend on the term of the pregnancy, the cooperation of your child and your figure.

There are no indications of any harmful effects from ultrasound waves in an unborn child, based on research to date. The method has been in widespread use world-wide since the early 1980’s. In theory we know that high frequency sound waves can induce heat. Whether that heat affects the baby is unknown. What we know is the higher the frequency the more heat will be released. For this reason will use as low a frequency as reasonably achievable. This is also the reason why we prefer not to use the ultrasound technique in the early stages of the pregnancy, such as to hear the heartbeat: for a heartbeat to be heard, we need relatively high frequency sound waves.

Yes. The staff of Echospot are trained and certified in medical sonography by the Dutch Medical Establishment and we both work in certified screening centers in Amsterdam and Leiden, where we do medical sonographs for pregnancies. We are also both active in the Dutch Association of Pregnancy Sonographers. We are also midwives, which is one of three fully accredited medical professions in The Netherlands (the other two are doctors and dentists). Though we no longer practice as mid-wives, we still like to see the little babies!

We welcome you to bring family or friends. Our examining room has 6 seats.

It’s up to you. We have a place for your child to play while you have your sonograph, but it’s not an attended facility. Small children are not really interested in sonographs, so you have to realize when they get bored, it will eat into your time. Many older siblings want to see an image of their new brother or sister in the womb, so by all means feel free to bring them.

The goal of the sonograph is not a medical one. Our goal will be to make the best images of your baby possible. It is always possible however that we might see an abnormality. In this case we will first consult with you, and we can report the issue to your healthcare provider if you so desire.

Yes! Just click here to make an appointment and then contact us to arrange payment.