3 reasons to take your ultrasound at Echospot


Competitive prices

Ultrasound prices start at just €25.



Midwifes with over 10 years of experience making ultrasounds of babies.


Informal approach

By women, for women, in a non-clinical surrounding.

What customer say about us

Fleur & Thijs

Friends told me about the great team at Echospot, and we are very satisfied with their professionalism, knowledge and enthusiasm. We have had a few ultrasounds from Nicolette, and we felt very at ease in the modern, comfortable surroundings of the practice. Nicolette took her time with us, answered all of our questions and told us in a friendly manner what she was finding in the womb. I would really recommend Echospot, especially as they are open on the weekend!

Fleur & Thijs

Nora & Maarten

We did not expect that making a 3/4 D ultrasound would be so much fun. Fantastic to see your child like that!

Nora & Maarten

Natasha & Danijel

Nicolette en José were friendly, made me feel comfortable and made the ultrasounds with patience. The studio is elegant, modern and equipped with the latest technology. Thank you Echospot for making my pregnancy special!

Natasha & Danijel

So what will actually happen during an ultrasound appointment?

Fast intake

Your first ultrasound appointment can be quite exciting. That’s why we want to tell you about the procedures before we get started.


Make ultrasounds

Ultrasound is a technique that uses sound waves to create images. These sound waves are produced by a little device that we hold over your belly. The waves are reflected by the baby and sent to a computer. The computer then transforms these signals into an image. During the ultrasound you can follow everything on a monitor and will receive explanations of what you see. We always try to provide you with the best views of your baby, and of course there is plenty of opportunity to ask questions.

Enjoy the pictures

Once we are finished making the ultrasounds we have a look at the images together. You can select the best photos and we print them out for you. If you have chosen a 3D / 4D ultrasound we will also print them in color. You will get all the images and videos on a USB stick provided by us. The cost of the USB stick is € 5.00. For a 3/4 D ultrasound, the USB stick is free!


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